I am deputy division chief in the IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department. I lead and supervise capacity development work in the area of tax policy. I advise countries on revenue mobilization and improving the efficiency and inclusiveness of the tax system. My work inspires many of my research questions and in turn research informs how I think of policy trade-offs. My research agenda includes three themes: (i) taxation of multinational companies; (ii) implications of emerging technologies on taxation; and (iii) classical public finance topics including the VAT and fiscal multipliers.

I was adjunct professor at the OFS at the University of Oslo and assistant professor at the economics department at the Goethe University Frankfurt. I have been a visiting researcher in a number of institutions including the economics department at the University of California, Berkeley, the Centre for Business Taxation at the University of Oxford, the OFS at the University of Oslo, and the Research Centre of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

I obtained a Ph.D. in economics from the Goethe University Frankfurt in November 2010, and graduated from the Advanced Studies Programme in international economic policy of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy in 2006.

Selected Publication (click here for a full list of publications):

♦ Pareto-Improving Minimum Corporate Taxation (with Michael Keen) Journal of Public Economics, 2023, vol. 225, 104952.

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♦ At Your Service! The Role of Tax Havens in International Trade with Services (with Niels Johannesen ) European Economic Review , 2021, vol. 135, pp. 1–25.

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♦ Evaluating the Effects of ACE Systems on Multinational Debt Financing and Investment (with Martin Ruf) Journal of Public Economics , 2017, vol. 156, 131–149.

♦ Estimating the Effects of Coordinated Fiscal Actions in the Euro Area (with Tom Zimmermann) European Economic Review , 2013, vol. 58 (Feb), 110–121.

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