Working Papers

- Curbing Corporate Deb Bias: Do Limitations to Interest Deductibility Work?
  (with Ruud De Mooij), IMF Working Paper No. 17/22 (January 2017)

- Can Government Demand Stimulate Private Investment?
Evidence from U.S. Federal Procurement (with Tom Zimmermann)
  IMF Working Paper No. 16/60 (March 2016) Under Review

- At Your Service! The Role of Tax Havens in International Trade
with Services (with Niels Johannesen )
  CESifo Working Paper No. 5414 (June 2015) Under Review

- Cross-Border Effects of Fiscal Consolidations: Estimates Based on Narrative
Records (with Tom Zimmermann)
  CESifo Working Paper No. 4311 (June 2013) Revised Version Coming Soon


- Evaluating the Effects of ACE Systems on Multinational Debt Financing
  and Investment (with Martin Ruf ), PDF
Forthcoming in Journal of Public Economics ,

- Revisiting the Narrative Approach of Estimating Tax Multipliers (with Tom
Zimmermann ),
Forthcoming in Scandinavian Journal of Economics ,

- Toward a Mutualization of European Unemployment Insurance?
  On Limiting the Downsides of a Fiscal Transfer System for the Eurozone
  (with Alfons Weichenrieder ),
CESifo Economic Studies , 2016, vol. 62 (2), pp. 376-395.

- A Journey from a Corruption Port to a Tax Haven (with Vilen Lipatov),
Journal of Comparative Economics , 2014, vol. 42 (3), pp. 739–754.

- Money at the Docks of Tax Havens: A Guide,
FinanzArchiv / Pubic Finance Analysis , 2014, vol. 70 (3), pp. 458-485.

- Estimating the Effects of Coordinated Fiscal Actions in the Euro Area
  (with Tom Zimmermann), European Economic Review , 2013, vol. 58 (Feb),

- International Profit Shifting and Multinational Firms in Developing Economies
  in: Fuest, C., and Zodrow, G. (Eds.), Critical Issues in Taxation and
Development , 2013, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 145–166.
  (with Clemens Fuest and Nadine Riedel)

- The Effects of Discretionary Fiscal Policy on Macroeconomic Aggregates: A
  Reappraisal, Journal of Economic Surveys , 2011, vol. 25 (4), pp. 674-707.

- The Effects of Taxation on the Location Decision of Multinational Firms: M&A
  vs. Greenfield Investments (with Martin Ruf and Alfons Weichenrieder),
National Tax Journal
, 2011, vol. 64 (3), pp. 817-838.

- International Debt Shifting and Multinational Firms in Developing Economies
  (with Clemens Fuest and Nadine Riedel),
Economics Letters , 2011, vol. 113 (2), pp. 135-138.

- Debt Financing and Sharp Currency Depreciations: Wholly versus Partially-
  Owned Multinational Affiliates (with Alfons Weichenrieder),
Review of World Economics / Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv , 2010, vol. 146
  (2), pp. 281-302.

Policy Papers

- Growth-Enhancing Corporate Tax Reform in Belgium
  (with Ruud De Mooij and Milena Hrdinkova)
Selected Issues Paper, IMF, 2017

- On Deficits and Symmetries in a Fiscal Capacity
  (with Alfons Weichenrieder)
SAFE Working Paper No. 112, 2015

- What Do We Know about the Tax Planning of German-Based Multinational
Firms? (with Alfons Weichenrieder)
CESifo DICE Report 4/2014 (Winter)